Sunday 14 January 2024

Inventing god In Your Image

 It's funny a scientist wrote that some scientists have opinions about meaning in the universe, but he attacked Christianity. The points he made in his article seemed to only mention the Christian God, as he insisted, "it's definitely not the Christian God". (paraphrase)'s the same with a lot of people on utube and other places, they insist they do not know what humans and the world means yet they insist they know it is not the Lord God of the bible. They also do not mention Islam or Buddhism or anything like that, no, it is just straight away zeroing in on Christianity. That is the one they single out. 

The problem with all other "gods" in modern life is that they are only an expression of personality. The person will say for example, as most liberals will; "I just believe in a God of love and there is no sin". In other words, because they want their liberal values to be valid, they just mould God in their own image.

It was no different in the past, when men of war were rough and archaic, and in a battle both sides would have banners saying, "God is with us". Men of conquest, and examples such as the crusades. Those men of aggression in the past were doing those crusades for their own motives because the commission was to spread the gospel not spread war by conquest.

So what is the problem with moulding God in a way we personally see as acceptable to us? The problem is we are subjective, fallible beings. 

When we judge God in the bible we do so from the mistake of anthropomorphism. We think God is on equal terms so that we can infer when God does something morally wrong. This is truly absurd for God is the omniscient one. (all-knowing). Like it says in Numbers 23; "God is not a man". It also says in Isaiah, "so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts" and also, "God's understanding is unsearchable".

If we base God on our own morality then why is it taken for granted that our particular morality is the correct one? That would depend on a human being morally perfect.

CONCLUSION; Modern versions of what people believe about God are absurd. If someone is a plastic superficial bubblehead then their version of God will reflect just that, and they will just respond with a cheesy plastic "it's all just love". Was it, "love" when people were starving to death in the death camps. I don't think so somehow.

The world only makes sense if we actually let God tell us what He is about, when He tells us in the bible, and we let the bible tell us WHY the world is the way it is. If it is all "just love" then that means God is loving us with cancer and all kinds of disease and terrible deaths and wars and misery. That is not, "love" and if God was a candy floss liberal God then that means God doesn't have control over those things. But Jesus says that in this world "you will have trouble" but He said not to fear because "I have overcome the world". Why does Jesus have to overcome the world? Because disease and death an misery are enemies brought in against God's will. For if it was God's will that these things should exist then Jesus wouldn't have been able to heal disease, proving God is against disease and suffering, but rather evil and suffering are part of a fallen world. This then makes sense of the world because in Genesis it says God made all things good and there was no disease or death or suffering. It also says in revelation that in future when all things are corrected there will be no pain any more. 

That makes sense but with a plastic God that has no power, evil and suffering are just something out of God's control and his plastic woke-love cannot stop it. 

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