Tuesday 12 December 2023

Nobody Calls Me A murdererphobic

 Nobody calls me a murdererphobic for not wanting to see formed or semi-formed embryos killed in the womb. You see as an epithet, such a label would not demonise me and would in fact work in my favour because the liberal would have to tactitly admit that it was murder. 

That is why such terms don't exist. 

You see far left nutjobs basically see things very self-righteously, to their mind it is; "you either agree with us or you are immoral and we will demonise you".

To do this they use all sorts of question-begged-epithets mostly of the form where they prefix, "phobic" with something or other such as, "trans" or, "homo". 

The reason they are successful at sidelining people by demonising is that most people aren't smart enough to see through it unfortunately. 

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