Thursday 2 November 2023

No Evidence Of God

 To say there is no evidence of God/a designer, I consider a false assertion.

It may be true that science rejects design BUT logical rules still allow people to ask what they would expect as evidence of a designer and if we then find that evidence then to say there is no evidence is a lie and is false even if science rejects that evidence because according to the law of the excluded middle we have either found what we expected to find or we haven't. 

What is intelligence and can it be found? Yes, in the form of the features you find in any sophisticated design were you find correct placement of parts, specified complexity, correct materials, contingency planning, solutions to innate problems etc, etc...

what does it mean that we only collectively find these features in intelligently designed things? That those features OBVIOUSLY represent the intelligence put into them.

So would we EXPECT those features to be found in things we argue had great intelligence put into them? (we argue life is designed)

Obviously. In fact we cannot even argue that we wouldn't expect it. 

And we do find it.

You may object, "evolution would say they are appearance of design".

Counter-objection; can you find one thing in existence that is not designed that had all of the features of intelligence put into it? No, because our induction is that according to statistical probability 1 out of 1 things with all of the usual features of ID in them were IDed.  (an overwhelmingly insuperable reason to believe it is NOT evolution)

However I ACKNOWLEDGE that it is a logical possibility that if evolution designed life the intelligence would have to be an appearance. However technical this objection, however weak, I accept you can desperately argue it.

Why weak? Because evolution would only be responsible for SOME of the design. You then have to argue the rest of the intelligence we find in the replicating DNA code and all of the cellular machinery and so forth, came from abiogenesis. 

BUT, it doesn't matter. The issue is whether there is evidence for God designing life in the matter of finding what we would usually find from an IDed thing. We still have found what we expected to even if you put it down to evolution. That is satisfying for theists because we simply have found what we expected to find even if every atheist wing-bag on earth continually repeats the false factoid that there is no evidence for God. 

Think about it, there are no logical rules that would allow you to argue that no matter what evidence you find it cannot be what you would expect to find if something is IDed. That's irrational, for we know certain things FOLLOW if something is IDed. Whether you like it or not we have found the expected evidence that God designed life and biomimetics is the cherry on the cake. (the engineering field of science that proves life's design is smarter than ours because we have to steal the ideas in nature because they're better than ours.)

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