Saturday 7 October 2023

Believing The Bible Gives Proper Answers To Atheist Arguments

Believing the bible as it's plain and obvious meaning, and taking it as real historical events and actually listening to the things Jesus said or the New Testament says, actually gives answers and counter-arguments to popular atheist arguments that make sense. If the bible is just a book of poetry then why are these answers so solid?

For example a popular atheist argument is that, "generally prayers go unanswered". They then offer this up as a reason God doesn't exist. BUT, what did Jesus say about the world? what does the bible say about the world and it's state?

He said that Satan is in charge of this world and that, "wide is the path to destruction and many there be that find it". In other words, Jesus was saying that most people are lost to their sinful nature and that only few will believe because he said; "and difficult and narrow is the way to salvation and few there be that find it" (paraphrased as I can't remember word by word)

Conclusion; would it make sense if God was answering the world of the damned? Would it make sense if prayers were generally answered when according to Jesus Himself most people are apart from God taking the path of sin and not being born again like He said?

Clearly the New Testament says that only those with God's spirit have access to God.

See how easy it is to defeat atheist-reasoning if you take the bible to actually mean what it says rather than just seeing it as a jumbled bunch of made up stories?

Conclusion; see how the bible and Jesus's very words can always give answers that make sense? It gives other answers to. There is a big, big advantage against atheist-arguments when you actually believe what the bible says.

For example, if you believe the world flood did occur then when evolutionists ask for a dino in the Cambrian or a human fossil in the Cretaceous, if we look at the bible pertaining to the flood, then those layers would be contemporaneous anyway, so they would be regarded as all being laid down by the flood, so to find a dinosaur in the Cretaceous means it lived at the same time as the trilobyte found in the Cambrian!

Can you see how easy that is to answer! And there are even reasons to believe you would never find a human in the Cretaceous if we instead of accepting a prehistoric world instead accepted a pre-flood world. Because if you think about it properly, the assumptions you get from those two very different worlds, lead to wildly different conclusions.

For example a pre-flood world was predicated on the perfect world found in Genesis (Eden). This means all of the things we take for granted such as migration of animals and allopatric speciation and so forth, just didn't exist. The original pre-flood super continent was a large zoo with every animal to ever exist found in that zoo, and none of them were extinct, for they were all extant. That means if dinosaurs lived in an ecological zone that was ten thousand miles away from humans, then they would simply never have any reason to leave that zone to be found fossilised with humans. 

CONCLUSION: This is the tip of the iceburg, the things that make rational sense if you accept the bible as real, are basically endless. For example why did God create disease? Attenborough argues a parasite lives in the human eye, and asks why did God do that? But He didn't do it, because in that pre-flood world all such species would be symbiotic, and all live in their correct hosts. But when the flood came and many organisms went extinct at the time of the flood or after it, they lost their hosts. In fact diseases always arise in time, look at the last century and all of the new diseases!

See how easy it is to defeat atheism when you actually read the bible and find out what it really would mean for this world? 

NOW LET'S SEE IF A COMPROMISED THEISTIC EVOLUTION WORLDVIEW HAS THE ANSWERS; (to which I will "guess" the answers, highlighted in red)

What about disease? Answer; Well according to a natural worldview disease and death are just a part of God's creative world, why does God allow millions of years of misery and disease and even now allow it among humans rather than a paradise? I don't know, perhaps that is God's paradise and he is sadistic, or he doesn't have the power over disease because evolution is stronger than him, and every time a rabbit dies he weeps in heaven, regretting his inflated big bang. (under a view of the bible where you accept naturalism, evolution, and just see the bible as metaphor, please note that Jesus healing people would be an act AGAINST God the Father, because God the Father under this view of the world, uses disease and suffering and evolution, and it is part of His process of creation. So when Jesus healed a blind man that would be an act against God because God intended disease as part of His evolutionary process)

What about unanswered prayer according to a compromised bible and all are saved? ..Answer; well, I guess God is simply on vacation.

What about the design-standard in nature leading to biomimetics? Is that cleverness that exceeds human thought power coming from God? No, evolution, meaning God didn't have the brains to overcome evolution, and I guess He just has to go along with what evolution decides even if it decides to create monsters that eat humans for breakfast, and in that case those monsters would be made in His image. Or some such thing as an answer, for your guess is as good as mine given this strange deistic concept of God where no result was ever influenced by Him and He never did anything meaning it makes no difference if you believe in Him or not

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