Friday 9 June 2023

Why Anything Exists

 There are always reasons why things happen. You will not be able to think of one thing that ever happened without a reason. Think about it. Try and think of something that happened for no reason. Even if someone is killed on the road accidentally, there will be a reason why. The reason might be that they didn't look and stepped into the road. The reason may be they miscalculated while J-walking. The reason may be it was dark and they were drunk.

But if there was no reason, then it wouldn't have happened because nothing can happen without a reason. Therefore there always must be valid reasons for something to happen. (important to remember)


There are three possibilities we can round it down to.

1. There was nothing at all. Then something popped out of nothingness. (magic)

2. Nature is eternal, it was forever cause and effect, turtles all the way down.

3. There is something inherently eternal that exists, that created nature. (technically you cannot prove this is God, but there has to be something that has a reason to be eternal that is beyond nature and our understanding)

Those are basically the three logical possibilities. I am arguing that because number 3 makes the most sense that God is there and always existed. I am arguing that God (or something like God technically) makes the most sense, I am not arguing that I can prove it is the Lord like I believe it is, I am just saying that of those three possibilities it seems 1 and 2 can be ruled out.

So the explanation which is true has to be predicated on a good reason because everything has a reason to happen. Because we do exist, and life and the universe does exist then there MUST be a reason why.

Number 1 doesn't provide a real reason; no matter what they tell you about a big bang or whatever gibberish they believe, the fact is if nothing at all exists there would be no reason for something to pop up out of it. Saying, "it just did" counts as, "no reason". This means number 1 MUST be false. Something would not come from nothing for no reason and this explanation can be regarded as belief in magic. Magic is reasonably false. There must be a reason and this offers no reason. There can also be no reason offered that would make sense because if nothing exists at all why would anything then come from it? It only makes sense that nothing would breed nothing. There is nothing for something to come from with number 1. It is the dumbest belief of the three and you can't put scientific varnish over it because there must be genuine reasons for something to happen and in this instance there can't be a reason for a false thing called magic, to occur.

Number 2 is a bit of a better explanation than number one because the nothing-problem is dispatched, however is the problem really gone pertaining to there being a reason for an eternal universe? Why would it be there anyway? Why would it exist? There seems to be a play on magic again because if there is no reason for it to exist in the first place then it can't be true. "It was just always there" is a non-answer and provides no real reason. Why would matter, or anything else, be there to begin with? There really isn't a good answer that is possible, therefore it cannot be true because things only happen for a reason. In fact there would just be nothing, just like if there was no reason for a car accident then it wouldn't have happened. 

This is why materialism, naturalism, atheism, is a generally poor answer,(not that the pride-filled liars of new atheism would ever be honest enough to admit to it) because it cannot give us proper reasons why things happen. It is the same with life's design and the intelligibility of the universe, you have to believe it is incidental but there is just no valid reason why designed parts of a cell would collect together over time and lead to a living, functional cell. What is the reason that would happen with natural chance? There really isn't a good reason, and a lifeform wouldn't "desire" to exist until it existed. Even if you propose something like a meteor delivering the correct concentration of left handed aminos to create a homochiral protein why would nature stop the protein from breaking down long before there was a functional cell? It's pretty much a totally FOOLISH belief to just go with credulity in this science-fiction offering because there are always reasons for why things happen and this provides none. You may counter, "an extraordinary series of events were the reason", but rationally there is no reason to believe in the invokation of super-improbable scenarios that only depict a fantasy world where the improbable events are so fantastical that they are no different from a miracle in their scope. And if they are equal to a miracle then why object to an actual miracle?

Number 3 seems to make the most sense. (Admittedly we can never fully make sense of these things because of the limits of our intellect). But it makes for the most consistent answer that God is the answer, because God is eternal. Even in Genesis God says of Himself, "I am that I am", which implies that God is saying, "I exist" or, "I am existence itself". This is consistent if there is a perfection to God where an eternal nature is unavoidable. Why does anything exist? Because I AM (existence itself) creates other things that exist. It also solves the nothing problem. There could never have been nothing because of the aforementioned reasonings. Therefore the reason why God is always there is because of His character/nature. God is inherently eternal being existences it's very self. God always was existing, and other things that exist only exist because God does.

This seems more satisfying than the other two answers. And the mark of a good answer is that it also gives answers to other problems that tie up the loose answers for why the universe has intelligibility and life has design. The first two answers cannot give good reasons.

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