Wednesday 21 August 2013

Slavery in the bible is not evil

'Unfortunately the term "slavery" is generally used by secularists, atheists, et al, as an all-inclusive epithet. The term itself carries loaded, emotive power, simply the heading of this blog will seem outrageous because of the power of the word in peoples minds and their associating it with great evil. Another famous and common epithet used is, "homophobia". When someone hears the term, "homophobic", the Christian is AUTOMATICALLY guilty BY ASSOCIATION with the term. All thought and wisdom is then ignored point blank. This is the unfortunate mis-use of words in place of arguments, called question-begging-epithets.'

There is actually a deductive proof (beyond dispute), that slavery does not make God morally evil, for those that are still willing to employ their brains before judging a matter.

An atheist asked me, "is slavery evil?" Of course, his definition of slavery will depend on what he was trying to achieve by arguing with me.

So if "all slavery is moral evil", then the keeper of gimps should go to jail.

The flaw in the atheist argument against the bible, is that it ignores the fact that the type of slavery was largely a voluntary system of employment for poor people and debtors, at a particular time of history that lacked any sophisticated social welfare and civilisation.

But whatever your position is, logically, if it can be shown that slavery is not always evil, then this proves that it does not necessarily follow that slavery = evil.

-If slavery is dependent upon type, then it follows that there is not necessarily a moral evil involved if slavery is present.                    
-The slave-trade was a brutal, racist event, of clear moral evil.
-The bible is an example of a rudimentary system of servitude for the benefit of both parties, ERGO there is no moral evil presented.

Logically, it is an indisputable argument, because it can be shown through deductive reasoning, that there is an equivocation of the term, "slavery".

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