Friday 30 November 2012

Is there evidence for Creation? Logically? Yes!

How do you qualify evidence for Biblical created kinds or Baramins, LOGICALLY when you look at direct evidence, and ask the question, is it consistent?

The only evidence you could expect is for animal kinds to shows signs of always being the same kinds. After all, that is the fundamental difference between special creation and evolution.

So if you find a fossil of a spider supposedly 300 million years old, that is confirmation evidence that such a creature has produced according to it's genetic make-up. (X=X) Law of Identity. Which is what the bible states. Think about it, the only alternative is to say, "This particular fossil should not look like a spider", which is a bit like saying; "If Tiger Woods is a top golfer we should expect him to not be able to correctly swing a golf club". That's actually OPPOSITE logic. (fallacious).

So when we ask, is there evidence for created kinds? The answer is yes (Generally no change in morphology) or no,(change).

Of course, evolutionists say there is no evidence of created kinds or God or Intelligent Design. But they have to then qualify what would be evidence of created kinds? The problem is, if morphological stability is not an example of evidence for kinds, what would be? Are they saying  evolutionary CHANGE would be evidence for a special creation since that is the only remaining option? There are only two options, an animal kind has fundamentally changed in some way or has remained the same, apart from superficial changes such as size.

Think about it- what are evolutionists then saying if it is not evidence? Would we expect fossilized Pine trees to NOT look like Pine trees if the bible is true? (If your answer is "no" then according to the excluded middle, the only option left is, "yes", which proves logically that a fossilized pine tree is confirmation evidence for biblical kinds. This evidence is compounded by the fact that the pine or any other unchanged organism, will always have a complete absence of any evolutionary history, as we would of course expect had evolution not occurred and creation is true.

According to the law of the excluded middle, either the evidence is consistent with animals kinds or it is not.

There are only two logically sound POSSIBLE answers;

1. It would look like a preserved Pine if the bible was right. (as is obvious)
2. It would NOT look like a Pine. (opposite logic, like saying a baseball should NOT be round)

(Anything beyond a "yes" or "no" answer is extraneous to logic and therefore invalid.)

Remember we are only determining if a specific fossil you find is either consistent or not consistent, as evidence is counted as confirmation evidence if it is expected to exist, according to your theory.

 In regards to proposed histories, the name of the game is inductive reasoning because we can't repeat what truly happened, we can only join dots, clues from the evidence. There is plenty of evidence for biblical kinds because the induction of basically unchanged organisms, is vast, so the evidence is directly relevant to the claim.(Because we would expect to see this if the bible is right.)

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