Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I Mean By UNCHANGED Animals (For Will)

Will, I have drawn a picture for you. Like most evolutionists you think I don't understand evolution, but in the picture I have represented the correct claims of evolution, in the green-zone. Notice the actual facts are drawn in the pink-zone.

Yes, we know evolution can incorporate the pink-zone into it's theoretics and rather amusingly, call it 'evolutionary -stasis', but the point is, the actual facts we find are shown in the pink zone. The green zone can represent conjecture, speculation, fantasy, or fiction.

My point is that on a LOGICAL level, yes, evolution can cope with stasis, but notice the facts only show it. So THIS is why the unchanged organisms are so important. Here I have drawn a Coelecanth as our representative, but you could use any organism on the list of basically unchanged organisms. Here is the picture:

So as you can see, I don't misunderstand evolution, I just give it it's logical value, compared with deductive, proven facts. (Little value) Here is the list of unchanged lineages. (notice on the picture there are several lineages, but the one that matters logically as deductive proof, is in the pink zone)Those other evolutionary lineages are propositional, but the lineage of Colecanth-Coelecanth, is INDISPUTABLY PROVEN.

LIST of unchanged lineages:

The Coelacanth Fish (340 million years old) 
Gingko Trees (125 million years), 
Crocodiles (140 million years), 
Horseshoe Crabs (200 million years), 
The Lingula lamp shell (450 million years), 
Neopilina Molluscs (500 million years), 
The Tuatara Lizard (200 million years).
Avocets (65 million years)
Wollemi Pine (150 million years)
Ferns (180 million years)
Jellyfish (500 million years)
Alligators (75 million years)
Gracilidris Ant (15-20 million years preserved in amber)
Turtles (110 million years)
Gladiator Insect (45 million years)
Lace Bugs (15 -200 million years, amber)
Starfish (500 million years)
Bats (48-54 million years)
Golden Orb-Weaver Spider (165 million years)
Pelican Spider (44 million years)
Shrimp - (100-300 million years)
Rabbitfish - (150 million years)
Gall Mites - (amber - 230 million years)
Sponge, Nucha naucum - (220 million years)
Octopus - (90 million years)
Dragonflies. (can't find a date, but they were a lot bigger but that's all, I guess the Carboniferous)
Laonastes Rodent (10 million years up, can't find exact date)
Millipedes. (3-400 million years, aprox)
Sharks: (450 million years)
Vascular plants, land plants. (400 million)
Eukaryote cells (2.7 billion years)

(There would be green-zones for all of these, TOO, so I don't misrepresent evolution, as it is represented in the picture.) as I explained at the EFF forum message #67 of The unchanged list of organisms, thread, when we find an Ambulocetus, and the other representatives of whale-evolution, these would be in the green-area, LOGICALLY, because they don't prove it happened that way, it is only a proposition, and these lineages sometimes change, as evolutionists change their minds about lineages, PROVING they only have propositional, speculative value. but when you find a fossil of a Coelecanth unchanged, and they still live today, you would have a lineage that is 100% proven, because at least one lineage MUST have led to the modern Coleecanth.

M U S T have. There is NO OTHER possibility. This is of overwhelming logical importance. Because you could fiddle all day long with the green-zone, and evolutionists do, changing it, changing their minds, etc..but you can't change the pink zone, as it is a PROVEN lineage.

So the actual facts, support Created Kinds. (Baramins)

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