Monday, 16 June 2014

God Is Omni-Universe

There is a lot of common confusion pertaining to God's nature.

Usually there are some terms that can be inferred from the bible, that have credence when we attempt to define God in our limited capacity. But, there are a lot of modern definitions that are either misnomers, or strawman terminology. I refer to the "omni"-terms. such as, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, et al. Some of them are valid descriptions, some of them are NOT.

For example, the bible does not EVER state that God is, all-loving or all-benevolent. Usually non-believers will attempt to collect these terms in order to infer a logical paradox.

It should be noted that Christians have not attempted to collect such terminology themselves, but largely they are imposed upon us. They are modern definitions that largely can be termed as semantic-sophistry.

As believers, we infer things about God only from scripture and His creation.

If there is a particular omni-term that is going to be the most relevant and takes precedent above all the others, it is going to be the term, Omni-Universe. God is omni-universe. (All-united in purpose, nature, attributes, with diversity.)

This means, that God is, as best as I can describe it, according to His Word, is; All-united, being diverse.

This means that, the "Lord is one" (unity), yet, "I and my Father are one"(diverse). The Father, Son and Holy Spirit (diversity), yet they are all one. (Unity) = Uni-verse.

So this means that God's attributes are harmonious, complimentary, symbiotic or united.

So then to take certain modern-definitions of God that don't really match tends to not have much value, largely this type of argument can be regarded as vacuous sophistry.

To give an analogy. Imagine we only understand certain things about colour, limited data, which is analogous to our limited capacity to understand God. Would we not logically state, that if the spectrum-of-light incorporates red and blue, when they come together, this will rule out one or the other.

--> Blue or not blue. Red or not red.

You can surely then only have one or the other, if you assume there can be no unity, you would likely dismiss that both elements could be united, and make a third colour, purple. We see that in God's creation, many colours come together, even though they are different colours, they can merge.
 "For God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all." (paraphrasing 1 John 1, IIRC)

The Word directly states God is light, so the nature of light in our universe is an important example, it shows how God is united yet diverse.

The problem with taking some omni-terms and pitting them against each other, is that you tend to judge the WHOLE from SOME. "Some ERGO all." (Fallacious)

Think about it in terms of this analogy, if we took two elements that make up a motor vehicle, and pit them against each other, then we do so fallaciously because we have to remove all of the unity. So for example, if we say that water is part of a car's system, and so is electric, we could then fallaciously state:

"Car's can't exist because water and electric do not mix."

This only works if you remove the unity of the whole.

Other examples of uni-verse things in the creation, is of course the universe itself, but within it, we find God's nature is displayed all around us. One example is the universe, one example is light, another is all of the animals and plants. When we look at all of the homologous structures of bones in vertebrates, they show the same basic design-plan but the shape and diversity is massive.(Universe). Another example is analogous features, such as wings. Evolutionists would call them homo-plastic, but we can see that we can have different wings, diverse in anatomy this time, but unified in function.

An example in the Word, is the fruit of the spirit, that all compliment each other despite being diverse;

Galatians 5:22;But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.

You might then say, "how can God kill, and be "good"- But justice doesn't rule out goodness. An executioner of justice doesn't have an evil motive, therefore there is no genuine contradiction.


I think all of this shows that the omni-terms are a source of confusion for people. The term, "ALL" misleads people, If you instead say, "God is loving, good, powerful," you likely wouldn't mislead yourself, but when people use the term, "all" or "omni", they commit the fallacy of composition, by saying that the units indicate something about the whole.


A plane has rubber wheels, wheels are none-flying. Wheels are "all-round".
A plane has windows, windows are none-flying, Windows are "all-transparent"

ERGO, a plane can't be both all transparent and all rubber and all-round and it can't fly. (non sequitur) A plane actually consists of all the elements, just as part of a whole unit.(universe)

The omni-terms should raise danger-signs with any thinker, they seem to have taken on an agenda of their own!

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