Friday, 30 May 2014

What Is A TRUE Transitional Species?

I think logically, evolutionists must qualify a true-transitional. The claim everything alive is a transitional. This is a claim. We can't 'grant' their claim, without posing some very honest and objective questions. To merely assume we are transitional because that's, "what the science shows", for example, would be vague. If we truly see transitionals, then logically they have nothing to be afraid of if we define them, and evaluate the evidence.

I would post that is is possible to give examples of true transitionals, because they would be strikingly different to the animals we see in existence.

To give such an example, imagine an ape-like organism was trying to exist, more and more, in the open plains. Not only would such an animal observably be out-of-place, but the transition to biped would be marked by these species, because they would have an ungainly, crude and unbalanced gait. They would rock and roll their hips and shoulders. You could qualify them as true-transitionals, by showing that a real-life animal such as a horse or human, walks with complete grace, they are designed to walk. But this ape-man would not be designed to walk, his feet-hands, that are made for the trees, would be in 'transition'.

Other true transitionals can be IMAGINED. Think of something on it's way to becoming a bird or bat. Now we only pretty much see, full birds or bats, whether extinct or extant. But imagine how crude their transition might appear, while their limbs become wings. They would stick out like a sore thumb. The same could be said of a creature such as Ambulocetus, the drawings of him are so striking, he looks basically like some kind of monster or freak, if anyone came upon such a creature, they would be amazed by how crude and half-designed it appeared. (It should be noted, that the actual skeletal remains were few, and so the drawings are of course, artwork)

Logically I have established that a true-transitional, between environments, is pretty obvious, because we see from every creature alive, that they are designed to do what they do. Every single species just happens to be perfect, in the present. so the next question is, logically;

Why should we regard every extant animal as being a transitional, when logically it can be shown that they are designed for the environment they are in?

The reason we knew the ape-man was "crude" on land was because we compare him with true species that exist. So then logically, true species can't be transitional, if they highlight one by comparison!

Evolutionists say that we don't have to evolve. But they also say that lots of micro = macro, which is a contradiction, because obviously lots of micro can = nothing of interest, if things don't have to evolve. So naturally they will say that we shouldn't necessarily "see" the route of evolution extant species are walking the path of.

1. Extant species don't show what they are transitioning into.
2. Every extant and extinct species, are "complete" designs for their environment.
3. All forms to have ever actually proven to exist, make true-transitionals, "strikingly" obvious.


It is perfectly rational to conclude that evolutionary philosophy is at play. There are no facts that have ever shown the existence of actual transitional creatures, only a handful of negligible candidates. Every organism on the planet is a marvel of engineering excellence to an off-the-scale degree.

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