Thursday, 7 February 2013

Can science dictate truth?

What sorts out what is true, or a fact? Does science sort it out? So, for example, if you believe the science of evolution is factual, is it then true?

Science only deals with uncovering facts through a method, or evidence for a hypothesis, but to figure out what qualifies as true or a fact, we use our thinking to deduce and discern.

LOGIC tells us if something is a fact or if something is true, or more precisely, it tells us what would qualify as a fact or as true. NOT science.

People MISS this, because they think that what the scientists are telling them is truth(TM), there is a tremendously general, sloppy thought process amongst the public, because they accept the following axiom;

"What the scientist tells me must be true, as it is science".

Logic tells us that this is an appeal to authority.

The public's ignorance is incredible. Science is the history of false things, if anything. Look back 70 years ago, and everything "science" told you back then has likely been thrown out of "science" by the scientists of today.

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