Monday, 3 December 2012

What are Facts? Truth is Greater!

I would define a fact as; something that for the present time can be shown to be incontrovertibly true  or will always be true, to the point that reasoning it is not true is moot.. (i.e. Would anyone argue against the fact that the world is round or that you will not fall to the ground if you jump from a cliff-top?)

A fact can be true, and then change to be false, later on. It can also switch from being incontrovertibly true to incontrovertibly false. (i.e. Bob had hair, now Bob is bald).

So for example, it WAS a fact that there was an animal that existed called a T-Rex but it now does not exist. So a T-Rex WAS a fact but now it is a fact that there are no recorded living T-Rex's.

So for example if someone argued that there are no such things as mutations, then because mutations are an incontrovertible truth,(fact) then that person could never be taken seriously by anyone as his thinking would be severely and correctly undermined.

The point is, LOGICALLY you CAN'T argue that mountains do not exist, but you CAN argue that macro evolution does not happen. Nobody will argue with an incontrovertible truth because they know they can't logically. Some things are proven facts. The latter in this case, is a propositional inference.

A propositional inference, is something that is an argued implication rather than a certain implication.

Truth is greater than fact, even though scientists prefer facts over truth because truth does not have to be a proven fact but facts are always true. Also, facts do not necessarily remain true, so it seems the ultimate reason why facts interest us is because they hold truth. Without truth they would lose their power, but truth will not lose it's power if it is not factual.

For practical reasons, science is inherently concerned with fact rather than truth.

I suppose you could say; "Facts are truths we know to be true, practically and testably."

What is true, changes, but ultimate truth remains.

* There is always truth, but what is true changes, as can facts.
Therefore truth is always what matters most. Facts and true-elements are beneath Truth.

For example, Bob was bald but now he isn't. The facts have changed but the truth is still there. It WAS true that he had hair and now it is true that he does not, but all that matters is that truth remains.

So "truth" in this example, is that Bob was not bald and then bald. "Was" and "wasn't" come under "truth" because truth was present at all times. There was always truth. An element OF truth changed, but truth was always there.


X was true (This was truth)
X became false. (This was truth)
X may well become true again, (This will be truth)

What is true can change, but truth is always present. Even if nothing existed, that would then become Truth.

Why does truth matter so much? Why is it always there unless it fundamentally matters more than anything else?

" I am the way, the truth and the life". ."Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever"

The latter statement is a statement that relates directly to Truth. Because ultimate truth never changes, even though true things can change.

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