Friday 7 March 2014

The Three Evolutionary Falsehoods Evolution Hides Behind

There are three major lines of evidence that don't fit with the claims of the evolution theory. (Please note we are speaking under logical notation, and what it demands, via objective scrutiny).

1. FIXITY. The lack of general change marked in the fossils. (Example; Trees, plants, animals, we can find a large degree of living organisms preserved in the record, that have basically remained the same kind of life-form over vast supposed eons of time, with only superficial changes).

2. LACK of supposed transitional lineages, in some cases, there isn't even a proposed ancestor, an example could be a monophyletic organism, with no relatives there, to claim ancestry. Darwin cited the missing forms that should have been there.

3. HOMOPLASY. When common ancestors can't be invoked because of homologous structures such as echolocation in bats, oil birds and dolphins, this evidence proving that it is a non sequitur to assume similar morphology = evolution.

Now here is the NAMES evolutionists give the three contradicting lines of evidence;

1. "Evolutionary" stasis. (Yet "stasis" = no evolution present!)
2. "Transitional" species. (Naming a species to be in transition, rather than proving it is one)
3. "Evolutionary" convergence. (Homoplasy, and of course, divergence would be through homology). (Yet examples such as this shows that similarities in creatures can be irrelevant, i.e. Not evolutionarily linked.)

Logically the problem is that you are taking evidence that goes against the evolution theory, and putting name-tags on the evidence. Superimposing an evolutionary meaning when objectively speaking, such evidence is counter to evolution.

Think of it like this; Imagine a woman gave birth to a son but she wanted a daughter very badly, so she called him by a girls name. Imagine she then penned onto his penis the word, "vagina", and she let his hair grow long. Logically, would this make the boy a girl? The answer is no.

Whether you call it homologous structures or you call them similar via convergence, the point is, the designs in animals don't show any evolutionary trends, any animal, at any time, can "break" the evolution story by being where it shouldn't really be. Mammals for example, such as Whales and Dugongs, should not be there but they are, or the Platypus, or our examples of echolocation.

The diversity of the organisms of creation, show no evolutionary history, just a sporadic display of unlimited imagination. Just when you think there is an evolutionary rule, it is broken, and they will find something silly, that is just way out of place.

If creation is true, the diversity should be expected and the rules should be broken, and we find both! Putting an evolution-tag on such evidence, won't fool wise people.

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