Monday 29 March 2010

The Problem Of Evil and Conflating Design

The problem of evil, is the single best argument against Theism. (Belief in God).

What is the problem of evil? It is the problem that in this world there is a lot of suffering. If evolution is false, as I clearly believe, there is still an enormous amount of suffering, and horrible things that happen to people and animals.

A lot of the proposals of this problem are true. If design is the biggest problem for evolutionary naturalists, then death and suffering is the biggest problem for Theism and the belief in a Designer.

It is best to be honest with this problem, as bad things affect all of us at some time. I will, in part, discuss some of the problems that this proposal causes, with the topic of Design.

There are a lot of fallacies that evolutionists use, when talking of design, because they don't seem to have an educated understanding of the Biblical Fall.

The "Fall" explains W H Y things happen, which are bad, and why we as people, are exposed to the element of chance.

I admitted that the problem of evil is a problem for Theism and belief in a designer. Logically it is. However, logically it is NOT as big of a problem for BIBLICAL THEISM (Christianity/Judaism).

You see, the problem of evil is dealt with in the first book of Moses, called Genesis. This explains how God created all things and the element of evil was not present.

Back to designs. According to the bible, the earth is cursed. This means, we now eat animals, and animals are exposed to the effects of sin, because otherwise, in this fallen world, we would not have enough food. There are MANY bad effects which can be conflated/confused as BAD design, by God. Another fallacious conclusion, is that God cannot be benevolent on the terms of the atheist, even though, amusingly, atheists state that morals are relative.

And so - nowadays, disease abounds, aswell as accidents, and mutations cause harmful build up of genetic mis-information leading to deformity etc...our eyes aren't always perfect etc...basically there is a multitude of problems and sufferings.

Is this bad design? NOT if the designs at the beginning of time worked perfectly, which according to Genesis, they did, stated as "very good". It is clear that there was no carnivores at the beginning, or disease, etc...nothing negative.

Post-fall, problems started. God had to be very foolish to not provide animals with the designs to survive, knowing the Fall was about to happen. He clearly had to provide teeth for ripping, claws, etc...venom. Whether initially these animals lived from vegetarian diet, is not completely clear, but at least for a short time, they lived peacefully.

So the answer, in part to this big problem of evil, is that the Fall makes it look like God fails in some of His designs. This is a fallacious conclusion.

Here is an analogy; let us pretend we were building a car, that was MEANT for long-lasting reliability, but we knew that infact the car was going to be used to race. Would it seem more wise to prepare the car for a race, or for reliability? Would we not fit racing tyres, low profile, attach a spoiler, put in a special tuned engine for speed, etc?

Now if we take our race-car and put it in a race, should we expect it to still be reliable?

You see, a lot of atheists say that because we die, we are not good designs, or because of x, y and z, but it is clear that our lives are a bit of a race. We are designed to stand a good chance of lasting 70-80 years, rather than forever, because God foreseen the fall.

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