Wednesday 27 January 2010

What is Intelligent Design?

Evolutionists will say that there is an, "appearance of design", in organisms, or say such things as, "the genius of evolution".

The fact is that, evolution, without a mind behind it, can't have any genius to it, or any foresight, it is a blind process which in fairness, shouldn't be able to come up with designs.

But what is design? Think about it; If we have a building, do we have a design? Or, if we have a pile of rubble, but the material used to build the building is exactly the same material as the pile of the rubble, then is the rubble a design?

The fact is that design has nothing to do with material, what things are made up from. Design is how material is arranged.

Think about this blog I am typing. We only know that the writing makes sense, because a certain arrangement of pixels makes shapes we understand. There is no sense to the pixels themselves, only how they are arranged.

It's exactly the same with human-designs. What makes a ferrari-car? It's how it is arranged by the expert designers, to come up with something which exceeds the material it is made from.

This is construction.

Now look at organisms. What we see with animals, is the highest possible RANGE of construction. In other words - enormous design.

If you give a man a few matchsticks, he will form a few different shapes, but it seems that if you give God a few matchsticks, he can make a myriad of different things, almost limitless in it's genius/wisdom.

This is what happens with animals. If the DNA writes hard material, such as teeth, then you get teeth constructed in a certain area of the design-plan. You can also get things like soft human skin. Look at all of the different things you get in nature. We are all made from the same material, we are all carbon-based, but if you look at how there are vastly different forms of life, then the design-level is the highest possible.

For me, it is beyond doubt that there is therefore a designer. After all, if a basic pottery is designed, or a crude sculpture requires a designer, it seems logical that the best designs on the planet must need a designer.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It makes perfect sense to me, unlike some of the tosh the evolutionists come out with.

  2. Interesting blog, Mike. You put a lot of thought into it, and I must say that some of your arguments give one pause to think.

  3. Thanks J.Craig, I am grateful. (r u phat?)